Let’s Explore Countries

A bright, colourful and engaging series for young readers that introduces them to countries around the world in a accessible, engaging and informative format. Readers will discover fascinating facts about the the history, culture and geography of a country  – food, wildlife and unique features one each country.

Each title includes a table of contents, index, glossary, photographs, charts, graphs and diagrams to present a variety of information. Critical thinking questions will help young readers consider and make connections with the facts presented. Teaching notes are also available for each book.
Let’s Explore Russia:
Have you ever wondered what people do for fun in Russia? There’s a lot to know about the largest country on Earth! Let’s visit Russia and learn what makes it special. What foods do people eat there? What animals can live in the tundra? Teacher’s notes

chinaLet’s Explore China: Every country has its own awesome attractions. What makes China special? Or what special foods people eat in China? Explore China’s amazing features, including the Great Wall, the many growing cities, and more.  Teacher’s notes

Let’s Explore India:
Let’s take a trip to India! What makes this Asian country unique? Find out as you immerse yourself in the country’s food, culture, animals, and sports.
Teacher’s notes


Let’s Explore Japan: Konnichi wa! Have you ever been to Japan? Learn about Japanese animals, foods, culture, temples, the famous Mt Fuji volcano and more to see what makes this Asian country unique.
Teacher’s notes

Let’s Explore Cuba:
Have you ever been on an island? What would it be like to live on one? Take a trip to tropical Cuba and learn about the history and culture of this Caribbean country. Explore wonderful scenery and exotic food.
Teacher’s notes

Let’s Explore Mexico: Hola! Take a trip to Mexico and find out what makes this country special. Learn about the food, animals, and culture, colourful festivals and ancient Mayan temples.
Teacher’s notes

Keep an eye out for more Bumba Books – this great imprint targets young, inquiring minds on many different topics of interest.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries across Australia. For personal orders in Australia you can order direct at intbooks.online.

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A Guide to Entrepreneurship series

Start-Up Starts Now: A Guide to Entrepreneurship is a series of four titles that directly support 7-10 Economics in HASS in the Australian Curriculum as well as current national directions to encourage innovation. Titles include an overall introduction to entrepreneurship and then specific application in areas of digital, social and environmental innovation

What is Entrepreneurship? introEntrepreneurshipduces the concept and importance of entrepreneurs as a vital component of a successful economy. They can create jobs and help keep money in their local communities. Discover the risks and rewards involved for entrepreneurs as they work to bring innovative ideas to life and make their mark on the business world. This title outlines key steps involved in starting, managing, and growing a small business, including research and idea development, writing a business plan, managing financial input and output, and planning for growth. Biographical snapshots highlight the innovative thinking, perseverance, problem-solving skills, and other traits essential to the entrepreneurial spirit.

What is Social Entrepreneurship? With a passion for making a difference in their communities, social entrepreneurs exemplify the traits of an engaged, socially aware, 21st century citizen. What is Social Entrepreneurship? explores real-life success stories of those who make a difference around the globe. Critical thinking and discussion prompts guide readers into a meaningful exploration of ways to get involved—and be successful—in social entrepreneurship.

DigitalWhat is Digital Entrepreneurship? examines the fast-changing world of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. From the successes of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to Nick D’Aloisio and his meteoric success as a teenager in summarizing digital data, this book offers a comprehensive look at the ways young people can succeed as entrepreneurs. From apps and games to blogs and social networks, opportunities for innovation in digital goods and services continue to grow. Engaging and interactive content links with real-world examples to create meaningful connections with 21st century learners.

EnvironmentalWhat is Environmental Entrepreneurship? explores a unique field of entrepreneurship, in which innovative individuals directly address, or work toward addressing, environmental challenges in our world. Offering an important look at the ways entrepreneurship can tackle global issues, this title engages readers through real-world examples, discussion prompts, and critical thinking questions. The title encourages readers to recognize and take on the skills and mindset needed to achieve success as an environmental entrepreneur.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries across Australia. For personal orders in Australia you can order direct at intbooks.online.

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It’s all a Matter of Opinion

The Matters of Opinion series examines a range of significant issues that affect teenagers cellphonestoday. Each title is structured to introduce the broad problem and then pose challenging questions to encourage readers to think about both the pros and cons of each issue. Commentary to inform the development of an opinion scaffolds critical thinking and examines a range techniques of across the books e.g.: bias, scare tactics, scapegoating, using testimonials and authority that inform the points of view presented. Titles conclude with steps to develop an essay to help students express their own view point and how to use examples to support their arguments.

This series is American and therefore timelines, statistics and examples are drawn from the US. However, the topics are global and relevant, and sourcing similar or related material based on the Australian scene would add a strong research purpose for students to explore these topics to develop their own reasoned opinions.

Smoking – Explores several smoking-related issues including: personal responsibility, corporate responsibility, second-hand smoke, and banning smoking.
Bullying – Bullying issues covered include: whether the internet is to blame, if schools are doing enough to prevent it, and punishments associated with bullying.
Cell Phones – Explores pros and cons of several issues related to cell phones including: the effects they pose on relationships, if they are addictive, and if children should be allowed to own them.
Video Games – Issues related to video games include: whether video games cause violence, discourage exercise, and require proper regulation.
Recycling – Recycling issue covered include: if it benefits the environment and is it economically efficient.
Obesity – Explores several issues related to obesity including: is the food industry at fault, can the government help prevent it, and effective treatments.
Food in Schools – Explores the pros and cons of several issues related to food in schools including: whether people have the right to eat whatever they want, and whether the federal government should control what students eat and weigh.
School Violence – Issues related to school violence include: is a violent culture to blame, are schools secure enough, and are non-violence courses a solution.
Cheating – Covers the pros and cons of several issues related to cheating including: how widespread it is, why it happens, and ways to prevent it.

The Matters of Opinion series provides relevant and contemporary debate on a range of 21 Century issues. They support the investigation of a several health related topics in the HPE curriculum, English in regard to persuasive writing and debating, along with several of the General Capabilities, most prominently, Critical and Creative Thinking. The language and layout is suitable for Years 7 to 10, however, some topics may be more appropriate for older students.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries. For personal orders in Australia you can order direct at intbooks.online.

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New additions to great STEAM series

Look out for these new titles to add to 2016 offerings in the Be a Maker and Get Into It (review) series:

Find out more about recent Be a Maker titles which include:

Discover the very popular Get Into It guides that has just got better with these forthcoming additions:

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries. For personal orders in Australia you can now order direct at intbooks.online.


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The Godwits – Bruce Pickworth

godwitsBruce Pickworh and Lorraine Robertson have presented a thoughtful and thought-provoking visualisation of the plight of the migratory Bar-tailed Godwits due to habitat depletion. Harnessing dual perspectives through the voice of young Goa Wei living on the coast of China’s Yellow Sea and Gowie, a young godwit who leads the flock from their summer roost in Shoalhaven Heads, in New South Wales. There is a strong environmental message interwoven as the Goa family choose conservation over the father’s employment in land development.

The story itself is extended and enriched with a map and double page of amazing facts about Godwits, and actions that have been taken to ensure their migration path remains accessible  as the industrial world encroaches on these sites.

The recent launch of this book in late 2016 is recorded with further information at Weeksy Reviews.

It seems a little serendipitous that the publication of this wonderful longer picture book follows after Jeannie Bakers’ Circle – they compliment and extend each other in many ways to reinforce the strong themes of migratory birds and the impact of encroaching urbanisation.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries. For personal orders in Australia you can now order direct at intbooks.online.

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Prime Ministers & Their Governments

primeministers_trocaderoA new edition of Prime Ministers and their Governments from Trocadero is a timely update from the 2011 original considering the changes in political parties and leaders over the past 5 years. From Edward Barton to Malcolm Turnbull each entry covers the time leading up to, during and after leadership of Australia. A page or more is devoted to each leader and includes photographs and a fact box highlighting a significant event during their time in office. Includes current information on Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull.

Available in print and PDF from INT Books for schools and libraries.

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Bounce – YA Fiction series

The Bounce series features senior high-school basketball players at the top of their game. Each title stands alone with different teams and events. The protagonists grapple with challenges on and off the court including a school cheating scandal, suicide, inner-city life, poverty and racial tensions. Dealing with personal issues push these athletes to the brink of quitting the sport they love.

To The Point: Randy prides himself on being all a team captain should be. He expects a lot from himself and from his teammates. But his high standards are challenged when he discovers some players are cheating in school.
On Guard: Point guard Mercedes Morgan is on track to set the all-state record for three-pointers. She’s even caught the attention of a big-time college recruiter. But her sister has fallen in with a gang from the old neighborhood, and a drive-by shooting lands her in a coma.
Pass it Forward: Lucas has big dreams of getting a basketball scholarship and helping his mom out of poverty. When a growth spurt helps Lucas become a force on the court, his dreams finally seem within reach. But Lucas’s brother tries to steer him toward a very different path.
At the Center: Cody’s basketball team, The Rebels, has an almost perfect record, thanks to the skills of his best friend Jayson “Dominator” Davis. Jayson is new to the team and to the nearly all-white high school. Tension between the coach and Jayson has simmered since he transferred from the inner city.

The Bounce books provide short, easy read, real life stories about personal decision making, responsibility, friendship and family around a central theme of basketball. See inside” each title for the blurbs and an indication of language level and story complexity.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries. For personal orders in Australia you can now order direct at intbooks.online.

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