In the course of my work I provide professional learning to the education community on a range of topics.

Forthcoming presentations

16 September – CBCA Book Week webinar:
Go Wild this 2020 CBCA Book Week – Curious Creatures are Welcome
Eduwebinar: Registration at

Past presentations

28 November – Story Mapping – Using Geographical Concepts to Respond to Literature 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm AEST, Brisbane, QLD. Eduwebinar
** Story Mapping Books List Dec2018**

2 February 2018 – Identifying library collection development needs to support curriculum delivery and student inquiry. Northern Library Group (Tasmania)
Workshop participants (password required)

22 November 2017 – Connected Books: Getting Smart with Literature. Eduwebinar. Registration.

26 July 2017 – T
he Book Week Package Deal – Everything you need for a ‘great escape

22 March 2017: – Research for Reflective Practice. Eduwebinar.
This webinar introduces the concept of research from a practitioner’s perspective and aims to inspire participants to implement their own research project within their field of professional practice.

28 February 2017: – Positioning the Library as a Curriculum Hub Northern Library Group.

7 December 2017: – Horizon Report Forum: Online Learning. Eduwebinar. Panelist 25

July 2016: – 2016 CBCA Shortlist – Australia is the Story Country.
With CBCA judge Tricia Scott. Eduwebinar. View the recording and visit the blog post dated 25 July to follow the links to supporting resources.

28 May 2016: – @WWW-Free Literature to Inspire and Inform: Get inspired – ASLA mini conference, Hobart. Online content in my website: @WWW
16 March 2016:- Postmodern literature for the English classroom. Eduwebinar.

Older presentations:
2015, November: – Book trailers – Pitfalls & Practicalities + Process & Publication.
2015, August:- Ebooks – Why not?
2015: Book Week 2015: Digital resources to engage students (view the webinar at
2015:- Ebooks – Why not? ASLA [Nth Tasmania, Queechy High School]
2015:- Ebooks for the future library. Edutech
2015:- Book Week 2015: Web resources. CBCA Tasmania  Slideshare
2014:- Action research to inform decision making: A focus on e-books. Eduwebinar
2014:- Lesson plans at your fingertips. In Smart tips and hints 13. Eduwebinar
2014:- Historical inquiry: Web resources. Trevallyn Primary School.
2014:- Building geographical understanding: Web resources. ASLA
2014:- Apps in the Geography lesson and classroom. Eduwebinar
2013:- Building geographical understanding of Place and Space with ICT. Eduwebinar

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