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Prime Ministers & Their Governments

A new edition of Prime Ministers and their Governments from Trocadero is a timely update from the 2011 original considering the changes in political parties and leaders over the past 5 years. From Edward Barton to Malcolm Turnbull each entry … Continue reading

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Art Masters – A Masterful Interpretation

The newly published six-volume Art Masters series covers the lives and great works of the world’s best-known artists. The  reproductions of art masterpieces are in full color, but are only one aspect of these beautifully presented and detailed books. The … Continue reading

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Exploring World History

Exploring World History, a newly published series, provides comprehensive coverage of the history of a number of countries that are featured in the secondary Australian HASS curriculum for Years 7-1o History and Years 11-12 Ancient and Modern History strands. Each … Continue reading

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Finances & Economics: Urban Entrepreneur

This series showcases a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs drawn from a predominantly US geographic base. Inspire students to create their own success stories. Large print and prose writing style with chapters but no sub-headings. Look inside. Urban Entrepreneur: Comedy … Continue reading

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Finance & Economics: Economy and Culture Storybooks

This unique picture book series introduces economic concepts, as well as history, geography and culture through well-written stories evocatively illustrated by artists from around the globe. Each story is set in a different country and to introduce an appropriate economic … Continue reading

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Gladiator School – series by Dan Scott

I’ve just finished reading Blood and Justice, Book 6 and finale of Dan Scott’s terrific series Gladiator School. It has been a while since I have engaged with a well-written series with a mix of strong characters – male and … Continue reading

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People of Importance – A biographical series

This series presents a range of historical biographies representing contributors to the arts, exploration, philosophy, science and leaders in peace movements.  Each is written as a narrative combining facts and personal perspectives in an easy to read portrayal of the … Continue reading

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