Boone Shepard’s American Adventure

PictureSome time ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Boone Shepard in  his first slapdash and madcap adventure as he travelled across time, and sung the book’s praises on this blog. I missed the release of the second saga: Boone Shepard’s  American Adventure and have just had the pleasure of reading it this summer. Gabriel Bergmoser presents a masterful adventure that transports Boone, and the far too clever and feisty Promethia Peters, out of the English proverbial pan (with a death sentence on  his head), into an 1884 wild west fire where the duo are roped into rescuing the residents of a small Texan town.

Watch the trailer for an insight into this great read, and a taste of Bergmoser’s tongue in cheek, humorous and intriguing writing style.

What I love about Bergmoser’s writing is that it is good fun, entertaining, complex but also carefully executed and memorable. The many threads of past adventures are deftly woven into a new tapestry with new and old villains and some famous characters thrown into the mix. Oscar Wilde in his fluff pink dressing gown and “the King’  who steps in to save the day. . . ” Well, it seems to me they made a deal with the devil in disguise to get you into the heartbreak hotel, but they didn’t count the King to kick on his blue suede shoes and stop you from being caught in a trap” (p. 100) Can you guess who?

Boone and Promethia show both strengths and weaknesses as they battle against evil, try and all too frequently fail, to do good and demonstrate that it is OK to be human and make mistakes – presented so eloquently within the lighter more humorous prose. “Making mistakes doesn’t define us Jessie. Making mistakes is the most normal thing in the world. What defines us is how we choose to deal with those mistakes” (p. 97).

With an abundance of serious contemporary young adult fiction and dark themes in the dystopian arena flooding the market, it is wonderful to sit back and have a romp with two wise cracking and engaging characters. Grab a copy and sit back and enjoy the ride. Picture

P.S. I have the final adventure on the top of my “to read” pile – keep an eye out for a post on the third adventure: Boone Shepard: The Silhouette and the Sacrifice.

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