On Our Street: Our First Talk About Poverty

OnOurStreetOn Our Street: Our First Talk About Poverty is written by Dr Jillian Roberts and Jaime Casap, and sensitively illustrated by Jane Heinrichs. The authors present carefully considered text  in a combination of formats to present simple and straightforward answers to complex issues around poverty. Large font introduces a question on each double page and answers are explored in clear font and occasional text boxes to add further information and definitions of terminology. Heinrichs has combined photographs and watercolour illustrations to sensitively represent each topic with a diverse range of children asking the questions and reflected in the photographs.

On Our Street explores the realities of people living with inadequate resources. The questions and answers address homelessness, mental health, poverty, child abuse and neglect, access to education and health care, and refugees.  Organizations such as UNICEF are represented and  add alternative perspectives on the issue. The book concludes with a section on how kids can help help make a difference through positive action.

The World Around Us series introduces children to complex cultural and social issues in a straightforward and accessible way. These illustrated nonfiction picture books tackle global concerns and initiate conversations about subjects that are difficult, sad or overwhelming with school-aged children who are just beginning to observe the world around them.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries across Australia.


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Avid lover of children's literature, experienced teacher librarian with expertise in resourcing the Australian Curriculum; Adjunct lecturer for Charles Sturt University and a representative of INT Books.
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