Erinne Paisley – Pop Activist

Erinne Paisley is a young American who has harnessed technology to promote social activism and to encourage young adults to become proactive in addressing local and global issue to facilitate positive change. Visit popactivism to find out more.

SmartphoneCan Your Smartphone Change the World?
was inspired by Erinne’s decision to wear a home made dress constructed from school work papers to the school prom. The money she saved was donated to the Malala Fund that supports education for girls. Media reactions to this inspired Erinne to investigate how she can harness her smart phone for positive action. This readable and highly engaging how-to manual looks at specific ways you can initiate social change through the tap of a screen. As well as sharing her own story there are a number of examples of successful hashtag campaigns from other young people that address issues such as bullying and gender differences. The book offers practical advice for using your smartphone as a tool for social justice. A note of caution for readers to check the authenticity of various campaigns is a missing component – but the book does provide the stimulus for exploring this aspect in the classroom to add to digital literacy programs.

The bOutfitook is attractively designed to engage teen readers with a mix male and female voices, presented via text, photography, fact boxes, summary points and visually eye-catching use of colour and contemporary layout.

Aimed at secondary students Erinne Paisley’ books provide practical and inspirational support for projects that focus on social responsibility and living in a global community and that model the use of social media and technology in positive and productive ways. Also available: Can  Your Outfit Change the World? and still to be published: Can Your Conversations Change the World?

Australian Curriculum connections:

  • General Capabilities:-
    • Personal and Social Capability
    • Intercultural Understanding and Information
    • Communication Capability.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries across Australia.


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