Simple Machines in my Makerspace


Simple Machines in my Makerspace is a cleverly designed series that combines the scientific principles of simple machines alongisde those underpinning Makerspaces. As students learn about different simple machines there are opportunities to apply and test the scientific principles through simple projects. Each title focuses on one simple machine and its construction as a jumping-off point into maker-inspired projects. Children are guided through the process so that they will become familiar with the skills required for working in Makerspaces—communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving—whilst thinking about and evaluating each stage of development.

Each title describes the structure through clear and simple text, images and diagrams. Readers are provided with step-by-step instructions to help children construct each machine followed with strategies to start their own creative projects to apply their learning.

This series supports the Australian Science Curriculum in Physical Sciences to explore forces and simple machines. The titles are current, attractive, engaging and easily accessible starting points for discussion.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries across Australia. For personal orders in Australia you can order direct at


About jenbales

Avid lover of children's literature, experienced teacher librarian with expertise in resourcing the Australian Curriculum; Adjunct lecturer for Charles Sturt University and a representative of INT Books.
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