Let’s Explore Countries

A bright, colourful and engaging series for young readers that introduces them to countries around the world in a accessible, engaging and informative format. Readers will discover fascinating facts about the the history, culture and geography of a country  – food, wildlife and unique features one each country.

Each title includes a table of contents, index, glossary, photographs, charts, graphs and diagrams to present a variety of information. Critical thinking questions will help young readers consider and make connections with the facts presented. Teaching notes are also available for each book.
Let’s Explore Russia:
Have you ever wondered what people do for fun in Russia? There’s a lot to know about the largest country on Earth! Let’s visit Russia and learn what makes it special. What foods do people eat there? What animals can live in the tundra? Teacher’s notes

chinaLet’s Explore China: Every country has its own awesome attractions. What makes China special? Or what special foods people eat in China? Explore China’s amazing features, including the Great Wall, the many growing cities, and more.  Teacher’s notes

Let’s Explore India:
Let’s take a trip to India! What makes this Asian country unique? Find out as you immerse yourself in the country’s food, culture, animals, and sports.
Teacher’s notes


Let’s Explore Japan: Konnichi wa! Have you ever been to Japan? Learn about Japanese animals, foods, culture, temples, the famous Mt Fuji volcano and more to see what makes this Asian country unique.
Teacher’s notes

Let’s Explore Cuba:
Have you ever been on an island? What would it be like to live on one? Take a trip to tropical Cuba and learn about the history and culture of this Caribbean country. Explore wonderful scenery and exotic food.
Teacher’s notes

Let’s Explore Mexico: Hola! Take a trip to Mexico and find out what makes this country special. Learn about the food, animals, and culture, colourful festivals and ancient Mayan temples.
Teacher’s notes

Keep an eye out for more Bumba Books – this great imprint targets young, inquiring minds on many different topics of interest.

Available from INT Books for schools and libraries across Australia. For personal orders in Australia you can order direct at intbooks.online.


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