How Australia is Changing

Recently released additions to the comprehensive range of history, geography and social issues relating to Australia from Trocadero these four titles ably support the Australian Geography curriculum across the secondary sector. Informative colour photographs and well spaced text under focussed headings make these accessible and engaging information sources.

Why people live where they do – For some people, where they live is a matter of what they can afford. For others, it is a question of choice. Key sections explore the variability across Australia through exploration of place, liveability and location to consider the different types of communities and social groups living across the continent. Geography: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9.

Natural Disasters –  Cyclones, bushfires, floods and many other occurrences are part of everyday life in Australia. This book explores the impact of disasters on humans, animals and the environment, demonstrates ways to cope with them and to minimise their effects and considers the role of climate chang on distaster occurrences. Geography: Year 7, Year 8.

Landscape degradation – This book details the many types of landscape that make up Australia and the landforms within them. It then examines how landscape degradation comes about when natural processes are interfered with or altered. Usually this is directly or indirectly caused by the intervention of humans. Geography: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9.

Water – This title looks at how we use water, cope without it, and the many methods available for us to conserve it. Everything from torrential floods to severe desertification play a role in our management of this precious liquid that increasing global significance as a commodity as demand increases. Geography: Year 7, Year 9.

The four titles in the How Australia is Changing series provide detailed, current and highly relevant coverage that directly supports the Australian Curriculum: Geography content targetting Years 7-10. Available in print and ebooks formats from INT Books in Australia. Find out more about the complete series.

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Avid lover of children's literature, experienced teacher librarian with expertise in resourcing the Australian Curriculum; Adjunct lecturer for Charles Sturt University and a representative of INT Books.
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    That’s a lot of books I’d like to read.


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