Tech Bytes: New technologies unpacked

The Tech Bytes series explores amazing new technologies and how they are changing the way people perform everyday tasks. Each title explores the stimulus for and development of each technology and considers the problems that had to be solved along the way. The titles in this newly released series are current, relevant and of high interest to students from Years 5 upwards and of particular relevance to science and technology studies in the secondary sector. Each title includes fact boxes, a glossary, index and links to further information.

3-D Printing covers the science of creating objects through the printer from everyday items to surgical advancements in prosthetics; the emerging culture that is driving adoption and its place within the Maker community; and future manufacturing possibilities.


Self-Driving Car explores the underpinning social and economic reasons for the growing interest in this field of technological advancement and the challenges being addressed. Building on current singular developments such as self-parking and GPS the next steps for greater automation and future possibilities are considered.


Artificial Eyes Scientists have been perfecting artificial eyes for several centuries. From the most basic versions where artificial eyes were painted and worn over the eyelid, to today’s versions that make it virtually impossible to tell a person has lost their eye. Discover the evolution of this technology, the multiple steps involve, the impact of the recipients and future possibilities.


Wearable Robots looks at how technology is overcoming the limitations of the human body to offer alternatives to amputees, workers, and people suffering from paralysis. Wearable robots sense and anticipate wearer’s movements while engaging a system of hydraulics to power the movements.


The Tech Bytes series supports the Australian Curriculum Science and Technology content and STEM projects. Available from INT Books in Australia.

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Avid lover of children's literature, experienced teacher librarian with expertise in resourcing the Australian Curriculum; Adjunct lecturer for Charles Sturt University and a representative of INT Books.
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