CBCA 2016 Book Week Resources

I have just joined with the CBCA Tasmanian judge sharing our thoughts on the 2016 shortlist in a great session hosted by Eduwebinar – wonderful to hear about the judging process and share our thoughts on the fiction works in the different categories. The recording of the session is now available and can be viewed on the Eduwebinar website: 2016 CBCA Short List: Australia is the Story Country!

Most of the following links were briefly shared during the webinar, but there are a few new ones that have been advertised since the presentation was prepared. Enjoy the leads and be inspired.

Short List and CBCA Resources

  • Children’s Book Council of Australia
    This is the first port of call for the shortlist, and the winner announcements on the 19 August and a range of glorious Book Week merchandise illustrated by Shaun Tan.
  • Jane O’Connell (Independent Director of CBCA) article in SCIS Connections about Book Week with outline of a new initiative in CBCA’s merchandise. The Official Book Week Handbook includes exclusive information and comprehensive notes on the the full range of stories referenced in the poster and a black and white outline version of the poster.
  • Reading Time CBCA’s free online journal for reviews of many of the shortlisted books.

Book Week and Thematic Resources


Art work by Shaun Tan, copyright 2016 CBCA, used with permission as a member, for advertising purposes.

  • Book Week for Beginners – navigate the menu for a comprehensive range of ideas and information. Great ideas under the link to the theme including a rap, quiz and song.
  • Google lit trip on Are We There Yet? (Amanda Gardiner, TL at St Joseph’s in Bardon, QLD.) More info on the Book Week for Beginners site including contact for support resources. The Lit Trip zip file needs to be opened within Google Earth.
  • Book Week 2016 (from St Andrew’s Lutheran School) provides a more global take on this Australian celebration and theme to support a PYP focus in International Baccalaureate schools. There is also an invitation to join a virtual library tour and weekly updating of challenges.
  • Book Week Reading Challenge teaching idea on Children’s Books Daily blog site – be inspired by Megan Daily’s passion for Book Week.

And don’t forget: YOU!

You know your school’s teachers and students so think about what has worked in the past. This can be particularly pertinent for secondary schools as many published activities are aimed at younger students – be inspired and meld these to your own audience or design and adapt other tried and true literary activities. Remember that the CBCA, short list, awards and Book Week provide a launching pad to celebrate literature.

  • Connect to the Australian Curriculum and subject teachers
      • English 🙂
      • HASS – History Curriculum – most of the Eve Pownall titles and from the Picture Book of the Year – Ride Ricardo Ride!, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda and refugees and displacement.


  • Early Childhood books and Child care/parenting classes
  • Arts – Drama for retellings, scene portrayals etc, Visual Arts (e.g. print making with One Step at a Time, mixed media including collage with My Dog Bigsy)
  • Geography – map the settings of the different books across the categories.
  • Book trailers to promote the YA books, to expand on the topical themes presented across the category or to inspire younger students within the other categories.
  • Students create a Virtual Tour inspired by one or more of the books to provide further information and background to the story. e.g. Locations of wars that Australia has been actively engaged in, mapping land mine hotspots
  • For teens: Springboard on the notion of awards to tap into Inside a Dog to read, review, vote for the Inky’s etc. Check out the Teacher Resources and the many ‘How to’ guides on the page.

Remember that Book Week celebrates books and reading – so enjoy it as much as your students and teachers do! 🙂


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Avid lover of children's literature, experienced teacher librarian with expertise in resourcing the Australian Curriculum; Adjunct lecturer for Charles Sturt University and a representative of INT Books.
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