Finance & Economics: Economy and Culture Storybooks

This unique picture book series introduces economic concepts, as well as history, geography and culture through well-written stories evocatively illustrated by artists from around the globe. Each story is set in a different country and to introduce an appropriate economic concept for the time and place. As a collective they present an interesting visual and geographic time line of economic development. As such they are relevant for both primary and secondary levels as an introduction to world economy.

The Warli Tribe – Hye-eun Shin
Early agricultural society  – India (10,000 BC)
Early humans began an agricultural society on the banks of the Indus River. Using poetic texts and stylised illustrations (chalk style) that express traditional Indian artistic styles, this story shows how production activities and various economic activities began.
View as pdf

Song of Wind and Waves – Cecil Kim
The first sea trading – Syria (2,000 BC)
Learn about Ancient Phoenicia, the first major sea trading empire, as Bal waits for his father to return from sea. Phoenician merchants sailed the seas trading with neighbouring nations, and making profits from their trade. This story shows what trading is and the role of merchants.  View as pdf

Lion, King and Coin – Jeong-hee Nam
The first coin – Turkey (600 BC)
Laos, a boy from Sardis in ancient Lydia, tells the story of how the first coin was invented. Through this story young readers can learn how and why the first coin was invented, and why we still use them even today. They will also learn ancient Lydia and the modern country of Turkey.  View as pdf

Father’s Road – Ji-yun Jang
The first trade routes – China (early AD)
Travel with Wong Chang as he accompanies his father along the ancient trading route, the Silk Road. Through this story young readers can learn about the origins and fundamental economic concept of trading. They will also learn about China and the history of the Silk Road. View as pdf

Grandfather Whisker’s Table – Eun-jeong Jo
The first bank – Italy (1100 AD) Medieval Europe
Enzo, a boy living in the Italian town of Siena during the Renaissance, discovers the first bank. Through this story, young readers can learn about the origins and basic economic concept of banking. They will also learn about the country of Italy.View as pdf

Leather Shoe Charlie – Gyeong-hwa Kim
The Industrial Revolution – UK
The Industrial Revolution as seen through the eyes of a boy named Charlie, growing up in Manchester, England. Through this story, young readers can understand what the industrial revolution was and the economic concept of industrialization. Links with English social conditions prior to the First Fleet and settlement of Australia. View as pdf

Economy and Culture Storybooks are published by Big and Small which specialises in delivering concepts through story. All are available from INT Books in Australia.



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