Finance & Economics: Consumer Nation

Consumer Nation: How to Shop and Change the World asks readers to look behind the shiny front of retail consumerism to consider the role we, as individuals, have to play in regard to influencing consumerism. Find out how the things we buy and use every day are produced, often at a cost to workers’ health or the environment, and discover how you can shop to change things for the better. The issues are presented clearly, with illustrations, explanatory captions, fact boxes, and personal challenges to change the way we shop, which are likely to draw teenagers into the argument. Case studies, question and debate boxes, first-hand accounts, maps and charts provide additional information. There are also lists of books, both fiction and nonfiction, and related web sites for further study and possible reader involvement in specific causes. A table of contents, a glossary and an index are also included.

The True Cost of Fashion
In this thought-provoking title, readers learn about the commercial journey behind their favourite clothing and how their own buying choices impact the world. Learn all about the supply chain, the conditions workers endure in sweatshops, and who makes money on the final purchase price of a garment.TrueCostFood

The True Cost of Food
In this fascinating title, readers find out about the food supply chain, fair trade, and how our eating habits affect our health. With debate boxes and contemporary case studies, readers also discover the environmental impacts their food purchases have on the planet.

TrueCostTechnologyThe True Cost of Technology
What happens to your old phone or computer when you need an upgrade? What rights does the worker who built your phone have? This thought-provoking title helps readers discover the answers to these questions and many more. Find out about the links between supply, demand, and labour conditions, and the resources that are needed to build just one computer.

The True Cost of ToysTrueCostToys
In this interesting title, readers learn about the process of manufacturing toys and the materials that are used. Environmental issues and working conditions are revealed, shedding new light on where today’s children’s favourite toys come from. Readers will also learn about new efforts companies are making to provide their workers with fair wages and safe working conditions around the world.

This series supports the Australian Curriculum: Years 7 – 8 Economics and Business
Consumer Nation: How to Shop and Change the World
titles are available from INT Books in Australia.

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