Finance & Economics: Big Brands

Titles in the Big Brands series explore the stories behind some of the world’s most fascinating, iconic businesses: Amazon, McDonald’s, Minecraft and Samsung—how they started, their successes and failures, and how they have changed the global marketplace. The contemporary companies are of high interest and relevance to the teenage audience that they target. Each title examines the people behind the brands’ prominence, including founders, consumers, brand developers, and other key contributors. Each book includes full-colour photographs, table of contents, index, glossary, photo captions and further reading in print, web and video. Look inside.

amazonAmazon: The Business Behind the “Everything”
From the battle for e-books to Amazon’s marketing savvy, this book examines the factors that led to amazing developments for the e-commerce industry as a whole. Find out how Amazon became the world’s largest online retailer. Discover how the company started by developing a unique way to sell books and grew into a giant of the e-commerce industry in a short span of time. This book looks at the people behind Amazon’s revolutionary retail and product development strategies; the technological innovation driven by Amazon, from the Kindle to the Fire Phone, and what the future might hold for Amazon, from drone delivery to space travel!


McDonalds: The Business Behind the Golden Arches
From marketing relationships to the company’s attempts to counter its critics, this book provides a fascinating look at McDonald’s and at the fast food industry as a whole. Discover the incredible story behind the world’s largest fast food brand. Find out how McDonald’s grew from a single restaurant into a globe-dominating chain. This book reveals: the business minds behind McDonald’s remarkable rise; how the company’s famous products—from the Big Mac to the Happy Meal—came to be; and the marketing and public relations strategies turned McDonald’s into a powerful brand.


Minecraft: The Business Behind the Makers of Minecraft
From fan conventions to Minecraft on YouTube, this book takes a revealing look at Minecraft, Mojang, and the gaming industry as a whole. Learn the extraordinary story behind one of the most-played electronic games. See how Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, grew from a small tech start-up into a gaming company worth billions in under ten years. This book looks at: the game’s creator, Markus Persson, and other leaders driving Mojang’s early success; the fan community and its crucial role in the success of the game and the company; and what the future might hold for Minecraft under Microsoft’s ownership.

samsungSamsung: The Business Behind the Technology
From Samsung’s battle with Sony to what the future could hold for this tech leader, this book documents Samsung’s amazing growth, as well as developments in the technology industry as a whole. See how Samsung grew from a small food export company to the manufacturer of so many must-have gadgets in just fifty years. This book uncovers: some of the key players driving Samsung’s meteoric rise; how the company consistently stays on the cutting edge of technological innovation; and the marketing and public relations strategies that have built Samsung into the powerful brand it is today.

This series supports the Australian Curriculum: Years 7 – 8 Economics and Business.
Big Brands
titles are available from INT Books in Australia.


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