Finance & Economics: Searchlight – How Do We Use Money?

This series helps primary students build critical thinking and financial literacy skills in order to make financially sound decisions about how they use money and prepares them for making more complex decisions into the future. Topics covered include earning, budgeting, spending, and saving money, and readers are introduced to the concepts of credit and investments. Sidebars and diagrams add supporting details to key ideas in the text. The series is US based and some images are of American notes and coins. There are occasional references to US taxes, regulations and investment types, most notably in Growing Your Money, but generally content can be applied globally. A strength of this series is the application of the information presented in concrete ways for students to make decisions from different scenario that are presented within each text.
Look inside for some sample pages. Teaching guide

BudgetingSpendingSavingBudgeting, Spending and Saving. Presents different ways people spend money for personal needs and interests such as food, fashion, and fun with a focus on how to spend money wisely. Provides strategies to identify what you want to buy and what you need to buy and introduces budgeting as a means to achieve your purchasing goals.
Understanding Credit.
Presents different scenarios to UnderstandingCredtshow you can spend money that you do not actually have through a credit card or a loan. The advantages of credit are considered but also how this can lead to spending or borrowing more than you can afford. Provides strategies for using credit responsibly and avoiding going into debt. EarningIncome
Earning Income.
Learn how people find jobs and what factors you should consider for your future career from both adult and child perspectives. People receive money as gifts, by selling something they make or own, and by investing. Introduces the ‘cost’ of earning income, from allowances and salaries and introduces taxation (US perspective). GrowingYourIncome
Growing Your Money.
Introduces investment and a range of options including bank interest, bonds and the stock market and the pros and cons of each. Includes scenarios to help make decisions as to what you might want to invest in. Examples based on 4% interest with acknowledgement that this is not currently typical.

This series addresses the following content in the Australian Curriculum:
Year 4 – Year 6 Mathematics: Money and Financial Matters
Years 5 -6 Humanities & Social Sciences: Economics and Business

Searchlight titles are available from INT Books in Australia.


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