Boone Shephard – Rollicking Read from Gabriel Bergmoser

Shifting between the 1960s back in time to the 1880s Boone Shepard, in his efforts to destroy evidence of a dark crime from his (long distant) past, hurtles from one misadventure to another.  The author employs a mix of slapstick humour, dry wit, cliche, innuendo, pathos and action packed writing in this very clever gothic story. In search of a damning manuscript and driven by his editor to report on bizarre and mysterious crimes, Boone, teamed with a resourceful, acerbic and clever female photographer unwittingly untangles a succession of evil crimes. The appeal of these dastardly deeds is the way in which they are interrelated and draw on a pastiche of famous literary and supernatural characters and events. Check out the clues in this wonderfully designed cover.

BooneShepardThe plot complexity and shifting scenarios will entertain the more mature reader, especially those with some literary experiences to enjoy the intertextuality that pervades the story. From Dracula to Dorian Gray, and Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles with some Huxley thrown in to the pot, this is a story to revel in. Gabriel Bergmoser has built a strong reputation as a playwright, reworking and manipulating well known film and TV stories and has now expressed that talent in the printed word.

No surprise that after its release  in May it hit Number 1 on Readings: Children’s & YA Top Ten Best sellers.

Available now from INT Books. Grab a copy for yourself too 🙂


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