Take Shelter by Nikki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton (Orca Footprint series)

Take Shelter Take Shelter: At Home Around the World is one of a series of books that support the Australian cross-curriculum focus on sustainability. They will appeal to upper primary and secondary student who are becoming increasingly environmentally aware and and engaged with global issues. Four key types of housing are explored in depth: In the Ground, On the Move, Houses that Live and Breathe, and Innovation. Detailed and informative text is supported with captioned photographs, illustrations, fact boxes and personal stories. There is a strong global focus with housing examples drawn from across the continents to include traditional and contemporary housing, materials and sustainability issues and solutions. There is sufficient information to meet the needs of secondary students’ investigations yet the text is accessible and of interest to upper primary readers. Take a sneak peek at the Contents and Chapter 1 to assess the quality and relevance of this resource

Tate, N. & Tate-Stratton, D. (2014). Take shelter: At home around the world. Victoria, BC: Orca.

Orca Footprints is an award winning current and expanding series from a Canadian publisher and these non-fiction books are designed to  “encourage ecological literacy and global solutions to ongoing environmental issues. With topics ranging from sustainable energy, to clean water, to waste reduction, these engaging and accessible titles encourage young activists to take small steps toward big changes.” Some titles have support resources available, and although they focus on the Common Core standards, the content is easily transferred to the Australian Curriculum context.

Other titles, all available from INT Books in hardback, include:
Pedal it: How Bicycles are Changing the World (sneak peek Contents and Chapter 1)
Brilliant : Shining Light on Sustainable Energy (sneak peek Contents and Chapter 1)
Every Last Drop : Bringing Clean Water Home (sneak peek Chapter 1)
Down To Earth : How Kids Help Feed The Earth (sneak peek Contents and Chapter 1)
Talk Trash: Moving to a Zero Waste World
What s The Buzz: Keeping Bees in Flight

pedalit downtoearth everylastdrop brilliant trashtalk whatsthebuzz

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