Chronicles of the Middle Ages by Fiona Macdonald, David Stewart & Derek Farmer

chroniclesmiddleagesThis beautifully presented, illustrated book, covers Vikings, knights and castles in history from the 10th through to the 15th century. Viking coverage includes life in Iceland, raiding, trading, Greenland, family and community life, ship building, religion and exploration to Vinland. The section on Knights covers progress from squire to knight including heraldry, tournaments and life style and explores the Crusades, battles and siege warfare. This is well supported with the final section with a detailed examination of castles; including castle life and different classes living within the castle, fighting forces, war techniques and siege techniques.


A quality production, this books includes a  double fold out in each section, coloured trim pages and detailed illustrations, with labels, captions and insets of interesting facts. Each section is embellished with period scripts and fonts, patterns, scrolls and the like to add to the overall polished appearance. Readable by primary aged children interested in the period, there is sufficient detail to inform older students studying Medieval history.

Macdonald, F., Stewart, D. & Farmer, D. (2015). Chronicles of the Middle Ages, Salariya Book Company: Brighton, UK.


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