Accidentally Awesome by Adam Wallace (Jackson Payne: 1)

AccidentallyAwesome“I’m always in the right place at the right time. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling me.”

The first in what is planned as a 12 book series, Accidentally Awesome tracks the lucky, and not so lucky, adventures of the clumsy Jackson Payne as he crashes from one disaster to the next. At first pure luck saves the day, but rather than accept glory for deeds he did not intend, Jackson sets out to avoid troublesome situations. The result ends in disaster and his reputation as a hero is quickly reversed as he becomes the cause of unintended havoc and mayhem.

Expressive black and white illustrations by James Hart accentuate the humour, action and disastrous outcomes of Jackson’s escapades. Between them, Wallace, and Hart combine clever puns, silliness, wit and laughter while demonstrating that being kind and thoughtful does pay off (eventually!).

This is a great book for young independent readers from around 7 to 10 years of age and is sure to be a hit success with boys with a wicked sense of humour. Watch out for the soon to be released Book 2: Blundering Brilliant – I can feel some alliteration coming on. 🙂

Adam Wallace has written a number of easy read novels and picture books with a strong theme of humour around realistic, if slightly exaggerated and ridiculous situations. Check out the Adam Wallace website and search for tittles on the INT database.

Wallace, A. (2015). Accidentally awesome. Krueger Wallace: Ivanhoe East, Vic.

Wallace_PeteMcGeeWallace_RandomOther great Adam Wallace reads include: Random and for older readers, the Pete McGee trilogy.

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