Making from Junk (series)

Making Space CrafMakJunk_Spacecraftt from Junk is a colourful and engaging book with several plans for constructing space craft from recycled materials. The contents include advice and information on collecting a range of useful items of junk and adhesives before starting a project. Symbols identify each step of the project: parts, assembly, painting and red alert (where safety care or adult supervision may be needed). Starting with simpler projects, children have opportunities to build their skills in following the instructions for successful outcomes. For example, the first model is for a shuttle pod with a description of the pod and the required pieces, labelled illustration of the parts, numbered and illustrated steps in the construction process on the first double page spread.  The following two pages cover extra features with the addition of just a few extra parts, sequenced painting instructions and advice on decorations. There are five projects to complete as well as some interesting space facts, suggestions for displaying the finished spacecraft and a glossary and a page of stickers to add the finishing touches to each model. Look inside to see the range of projects.

As well as providing children with some affordable, manageable and interesting projects, the books in the series support curriculum content : English (instructional writing, labels, captions), Science (space exploration, transportation and recycling) and the Creative Arts. Young students would require parental assistance at some stages of each project but many students from around Year 4 and 5 onwards would manage most projects independently.

Munzer, S. (2012). Making space craft from junk. Great Britain, Junkcraft Books. (32 p. pb. col. ill + stickers)

MakJunk_HotRodRacersMakJunk_thunderwingsOther titles available include Making Hotrod Racers from Junk and Making Thunder Wings from Junk.

Look inside Hotrod Racers

Look inside Thunder Wings

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