Ancient Australia Unearthed

ancient australiaAlethea Kinsela has a passion for archeology that illuminates this book from cover to cover. Meticulous research, informed by arheological evidence, informs the reader as the author traverses the 50,000 years encompassing the history of Australia and its indigenous people — from prehistoric times to the present day with future implications and possibilities in the concluding section. Drawing on primary evidence Kinsela weaves a fascinating story to engage readers. Although billed as a textbook for secondary students, this is so much more. Guiding questions reflect Bloom’s taxonomy to engage and challenge the way students and adults interpret the evidence and consider consequences, possibilities and outcomes. Comprehensive support resources are also available.

The presentation is stunning. Earthy colours reflect the nature of the land, glossy pages enhance photographs, maps, diagrams, question boxes and investigative challenges, and the continuous timeline that traverses the pages throughout the book. Text and visual layout is varied throughout, so that each turned page reveals a different aspect, perspective, emphasis and eye-catching detail. A detailed glossary, web links for further reading and an index aid in accessing the comprehensive but accessible information [look inside]. Find out how the author sought crowd funding to finance publication. Less than four weeks from the announcement of the CBCA Shortlist, I sincerely hope that Ancient Australia Unearthed was entered into the Eve Pownall Award for information books – if so then it has all the hallmarks to be a winner.

Kinsela, A. (2014). Ancient Australia unearthed. Plainspeak Publishing.
[pb, 90 p., col. ill.]

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