Then and Now (series)

ThenNow_ToysGames_BWritten by Bobbie Kalman and published by Crabtree, this set of 6 books explores changes in social aspects of children’s lives in the past and present. Toys and Games covers a range of children’s recreational activities including popular toys, power and wheel driven toys, traditional games, classroom and outdoor games, changes in sports and party and parlour games. Supported with vibrant colour photos, images and sketches, the with informative labels and captions, this title helps children develop concepts around past and present, time, change and similarities and differences. Large, well-spaced font on white pages with controlled language suits the target audience from Foundation to Year 2. Contents, index, glossary and suggestions for further exploration, including web sites are included. These titles are also available as ebooks in pdf format from INT Books within Australia.

Kalman, B. (2014). Toys and games. Ontario: Crabtree. [24. p. PB, col. ill]

Other books in the series include: Communication, Community Helpers, Food and Farming, School days, and Travel.

ThenNow_communication_B     ThenNow_CommunityHelpers_B     ThenNow_Farming_B    ThenNow_SchooB    ThenNow_SchoolDays_B

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